About Index Creative Village (PLC)

June 20, 2018

About Index Creative Village (PLC) 

 Index Creative Village Public Company Limited is an organization truly driven by creativity, offering a variety of services in marketing communications, in all aspects, “The Creative Business Solutions” leading by CEO Mek-Mork Kreingkrai-Kreingkarn Kanjanapokin which making us become Thailand’s number one creative event organizer and ranked by America’s Special Events Magazine as the 7th best event organizer in the world.  We have branches in Myanmar and Vietnam while also having business partners in Malaysia and Indonesia.  Our strength is not only organizing creative events but also expanding our creativity to the limits for the past 28 years to achieve so much work, success, and reputation in Thailand and internationally. Some distinguished ones that have made Thailand well recognized on the international arena are the Thai pavilions at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China and at International Exposition 2012 in Yeosu, Korea. The latest, at Astana Expo 2017 in Astana Kazakhstan. Bring Thailand image into international  to create positive brand image to support tourism industry.

Index Creative Village PLC is Asean’s leader and hub of creativity which can serve clients’ needs in all dimensions by implementing 5 strategic tools, which are organizing Event Marketing, Festive Events, Conducting Research on Consumers’ Behavior, Creating Integrated Media Platform and Organizing Professional Exhibitions to enhance the business sector in a one-stop-service Creative Marketing Solutions approach.

Today, Index Creative Village PLC is Asean’s leader and hub of creativity which can serve clients’ needs in all dimensions with our slogan in mind; “Never Stop Creating”. We have 3 businesses all together

  • Marketing Service – offering services on planning, strategy and marketing consulting professionally in the field of:  Research, Event Marketing, Communications, Digital Marketing, TV & Multimedia, Innovative in-Store Media, Printing and Store Decoration and Equipment Supply
  • Creative Development – offering branding services and helps bring unique experiences in tourist attractions platform to its value in the field of: Tourist Attraction, Brand Experience, Theme Park, Museum, Exhibition: Permanent & Temporary and The World Exposition
  • Own Project- offering special project with specific trait in the fields of:  Showbiz: Musical and Theatre Show, Sport & Festive Event, Business Academy: Seminar and Workshop, Trade Fair