About PT Bali Barramundi

June 20, 2018

Fish farm owned and operated by I AM BE U

Fish farm owned and operated by I AM BE U


Barramundi and Grouper Fish Farm in North Bali

PT Bali Barramundi fish farm, sister company of PT IAMBEU Mina Utama or better known as I Am Be U, was established in 2013. The farm was initially set up for cultivating barramundi fish, which was then expanded to include grouper in 2016. The high demand for barramundi from Bali’s tourism industry and the limited stock of wild catchment fish was the main reason for establishing the fish farm.

The farm is located in North Bali, with the land nursery located at Sangga Langit village, covering an area of 5.000m2. While the ocean farm is located at Patas village in Gerokgak, around 800m from the beach covering an area of 8 hectares, and consisting of 29 net ponds. This location is ideal for cultivation due to its location in the bay resulting is small waves and currents, as well as suitable levels of oxygen and salt in the water.

Products harvested reach 1 ton weekly, with the time needed since cultivating up to harvest time for barramundi and grouper ranges between 1.5 to 2 years. PT Bali Barramundi fish farm unique selling point is the ability to produce barramundi that weighs more than 4 kgs.

The company employs 33 people, including divers originating from Bali, Jawa and Sumatera. The staff are part of the local fisherman community. Every 6 months, the divers are referred to hyperbaric chamber treatment at Sanglah hospital in Denpasar, to restore cells damaged due to water pressure. PT Bali Barramundi also contributes to local community by providing credit and purchasing surplus products during harvest.

Adhering to the Tri Hita Karana concept, company programs include among them accepting student apprenticeship from fishery faculty or tourism schools, protection of endangered species around the net ponds such as turtles, certain fish and birds.

The fish farm visions for the future is to self-produce fish food in the form of pellets and obtain ASC or Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification for grouper and barramundi, which is an international labeling and certification for sustainable aquatic culture program. This certification, the first of its kind, will be role model for other fish farms in the world.

More about us see www.iambeu.com