Index-AirAsia Unveil Kilorun Bali 2018

June 20, 2018

Press Conference Kilorun Bali

Press Conference Kilorun Bali at Alaya Ubud March 2018



Ubud, 29 March 2018… Index Creative Village PLC in association with Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd., officially announced to bring the groundbreaking concept to the running world with KILORUN 2018. The phenomenal running series mixes up running, eating and travelling, taking place throughout the Asia’s 4 iconic cities: Bangkok in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Osaka in Japan, and Hanoi in Vietnam. After the official launch of the first series in Bangkok, its success gave Thailand tourism boost and economic growth.

Scheduled to happen in Bali, Indonesia between 2 and 3 June, 2018, the second series under the name “KILORUN BALI 2018” THE RUNNING FESTIVAL OF FOOD | FUN | FRIEND | FAMILY” aims to encourage tourism in Indonesia through unique activities, sightseeing mini marathon and signature food tasting. Runners will experience the local tradition and cultural authenticity of Bali which has been crowned as one of the world’s favorite destinations and a hub of arts and culture.

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Founder & Group CEO for Index Creative Village Plc., the world’s 7-ranking event and advertising company, said KILORUN 2018 presented an innovative idea unlike any other running events, combining running, eating, travelling and lifestyle in one. KILORUN takes place 4 cities in 4 countries including Bangkok in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Osaka in Japan, and Hanoi in Vietnam. After holding the two-day series of the KILORUN 2018 in Bangkok, the event was well-received and attracted over 2,600 runners, both locals and foreigners alike. Stars, celebrities and public figures also flocked in to challenge their best limits. In addition to building positive images to Thailand, the KILORUN 2018 also helped drive economic growth and generate a large amount of revenue.

The second series KILORUN BALI 2018 will be held in Indonesia on 2-3 June 2018, expecting to draw more than 2,000 runners of all abilities to take part in.

The concept of the run came from the social trend on health and wellness, especially running which has emerged as a lifestyle trend of the new generation who loves running as well as travelling. Index Creative Village PLC wants to create the difference in the running event by emphasizing more on food and travel to stimulate blissful and healthy experience. What makes the series differ from other running races is that the measurement is not framed to a mere KM (Kilometer), but also KG (Kilogram) with which participants can enjoy chowing down a wide variety of signature dishes from the most beloved local restaurants. The running course will also pass several iconic attractions which are the highlights of this activity. KILORUN 2018 will foster tourism industry in Bali because the city has been popular and culturally unique, with many historical sites, delicious dishes and transport convenience. KILORUN BALI 2018 will take place in the world-renowned city of Ubud where arts and culture meets.

Santisuk Klongchaiya, Director of Commercial for Thai AirAsia, said it is the policy of Thai AirAsia to provide continued support to Thailand’s tourism and sports. At present, the two aspects are related and vital in boosting national economy. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with Index in organizing KILORUN 2018. The first series of the event held in Bangkok produced satisfactory result and we are ready to commemorate the second series in Bali to initiate new experiences on the unique route that is culturally opulent in terms of both food and architecture, aiming to attract people from all walks of life from the Balinese to visitors from Thailand and other countries.

Ubud city in Indonesia’s Bali was crowned as one of 25 traveler’s choices from Tripadvisor in 2017. AirAsia, with its expansive network across the region, has serviced direct flights from Thailand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and other cities in Indonesia to Bali. This will fully provide convenience to tourists from the so-called destinations. In addition to this, the airline will offer special promotions and exclusive activities to help support the running series in Bali.

For the KILORUN 2018, the airline is offering the special promotion for those who wish to attend the KILORUN 2018 in Bali. Bangkok – Don Mueang flight starting THB 2,688. Booking is available on Now – 01 April and Travel period is from now – 30 September 2018. In addition, AirAsia also offers promotion for domestic routes in Indonesia including Jakarta-Bali, Bandung-Bali, Yogyakarta- Bali, Solo-Bali, and Surabaya-Bali starting IDR 528.000. Book now at A booking number of 6 digits can be redeemed for the 20% discount on all running tickets and other rewards. For more information, visit, FB: KILORUN and IG: KILORUN2018

The highlighted programmes for KILORUN BALI 2018 between 2-3 June 2018 comprise KG (Kilogram) and KM (Kilometer). KG run sub-race allows runner to enjoy a wide variety of signature dishes from the most beloved local restaurants, e.g. Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay), Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup), Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Stir-fried Rice), Bebek Goreng (Deep Fried Soft Bone Duck). Runners who are able to gain the required weight of 0.5 kg or 1.0 kg after crossing the finish line will be awarded with exclusively-designed race medals. For the KM run, the running course will pass several iconic attractions that include Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud Palace, Puri Lukisan Museum, Pura Taman Saraswati, Ubud Market and other captivating locations. The KM races offer 3 distances of S RUN  3 KM, M RUN 5 KM and L RUN 10  KM to runners of all abilities to participate in their best limits. Runners of the two races will be given a running shirt, a stylish apron and a race medal. Grand prizes, special rewards and exclusive giveaways also await to be taken home.

Those interested in the series can purchase tickets online on and join the conversation on Facebook (KILORUN) and Instagram (KILORUN2018).

The KILORUN 2018 THE RUNNING FESTIVAL OF FOOD | FUN | FRIEND | FAMILY is also sponsored by AirAsia BIG Loyalty, AirAsia GO, Santan, Refresh, NAO Global Co., Ltd., GET 102.5, FBT, Club Med.



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