Sustainable CSR Maybank Bali Marathon for Bali and Lombok

November 20, 2018

Sustainable CSR Maybank Bali Marathon for Bali and Lombok

Maybank Indonesia’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Bali, 8 September 2018 – As part of its commitment to implement sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in conjunction with the international marathon Maybank Bali Marathon (MBM), PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk (Maybank Indonesia) held its CSR program for Bali and Lombok communities.  The ceremony was held one day before MBM at Taman Bhagawan Benoa Bali, led by President Director of Maybank Indonesia, Taswin Zakaria together with the Chairman of Maybank Group Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin and Board of Director and Commissioner of Maybank Indonesia. The ceremony was also witnessed by representatives from local government officials and CSR beneficiaries’ areas.

In line with the sustainable support for Bali community, for this year’s Bali CSR effort, Maybank Indonesia will involve 4,500 students and 172 teachers to participate in MBM 2018 by providing support along the race route and learning facilities such as school and sports equipment to 43 schools along the race route.  During the race pack collection at Taman Bhagawan on 7-8 September 2018, Maybank Indonesia also gives an opportunity for displaying artworks from artisan weavers through the Maybank Women Eco Weavers program and products produced by the disabled who joined RISE program – Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

At the MBM 2018 event, 52 disabled runners will join the 5 km wheelchair category (5K) so they experience the international marathon atmosphere. The wheelchair category has become a regular agenda in MBM since its first inception in 2012.

As part of its support for Lombok, and the earthquake victims, Maybank Indonesia provided support in the form of cash Rp 350 million for Lombok rehabilitation program through MERCY and PKPU (Pos Keadilan Peduli Umat).  Previously, Maybank Indonesia had also donated funding to assist Lombok victims through its Sharia Business Unit  in the amount of Rp130 million plus another Rp50 million together with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Financial Services Industry. The previous donation was delivered to the NTB provincial government on August 13.

”We have carried out our sustainable CSR ”Maybank Indonesia Berbagi” since 2012 and is in line with our mission, humanising financial services, whereby we would like to always be in the heart of the community. Our CSR program and Maybank Bali Marathon has been a result of good partnering between maybank Indonesia and Bali,” says President Director of Maybank Indonesia, Taswin Zakaria.

”This initiative is our positive effort in supporting the development and empowerment of the community, in particular for the young generation and cooperatives in Bali.”

”In the previous years, we have initiated the CSR activities to support community health, sports and education,” continues Taswin. ”We also conduct program in Lombok, as Lombok is closely located to Bali.”

In MBM 2018, Maybank Indonesia also initiates environment protection campaign by reducing use of plastic during the race pack collection (RPC).  Maybank Indonesia provides bags that are made from environmentally friendly material for runners to purchase merchandise, running gear, food and beverages during the RPC.

CSR Maybank Indonesia Berbagi is also part of Maybank’s effort to get closer, create synergy with Bali community in providing support and taking part in executing the MBM event.Bali community support is achieved through each village participation,showcasing attractive traditional performance along the race route. Support from school kids cheering the athletes in the race are an addition to the amazing views that is unique to Maybank Bali Marathon, as a marathon with nature and cultural beauty, that differentiates it with other international marathons.


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Editor’s Note

Maybank Bali Marathon

Maybank Bali Marathon isan international standard marathon which is annually held by Maybank Indonesia since 2012. It featurescategories of full marathon with distance 42,195 km, half marathon (21,0975 km) and 10K (10 km). Various awards and acknowledgment have been achieved by Maybank Bali Marathon such as: included as one of the eleven “Remarkable races in the world that one must participate before you die” by The Active, one of “The 52 Best Races on Earth 2016”by Runnersworld, BestMarathon 2016, Best Half Marathon 2015 and Best Finisher Medal 2015and Best Marathon 2017 from polling done by RunHood Magazine.


Maybank Indonesia

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As per 30 June 2018, Maybank Indonesia has 390 branches including Sharia branches, micro functional offices in Indonesia, and one overseas branch in Mumbai India, 20 mobile cash cars, 1,595 ATMs including CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines) connected with more than 20,000 ATMs under ATM PRIMA, ATM BERSAMA, ALTO, CIRRUS, and linked to more than 3,500 Maybank ATMs in Malaysia and Singapore through MEPS network.


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