Bali Pink Ribbon Roadshow 2023

October 23, 2023


Free seminar and screening for Cocoa Plantation workers in South Sulawesi

Denpasar, October 2023…  Yayasan Pita Merah Muda, or known as Bali Pink Ribbon (BPR) in collaboration with Rainforest Alliance, Luwu Utara Regional Government and Bintang Laut Palopo Hospital in recently completed their fourth road show of 2023 for planation worker communities in Massamba, Luwu Utara, South Sulawesi.

On October 4-5, BPR had the breast cancer seminar and session to provide information on breast cancer early detection and education led by oncologist dr. Ni G.A.A. Manik Yuniawaty Sp.B(K)Onk at the Head of Village office. The session was joined by Cocoa Sustainable Agriculture farmers under Rainforest Alliance living in Tulak Tallu village.

The first day seminar was attended by 103 participants, with 70 people screened manually followed by 3 USG screenings. The activity found 1 persons suspected with breast cancer. While on the second day the seminar was attended by 24 participants, with 15 people screened manually followed by one USG screening.

Other seminar and screening activities carried out in 2023 were:

  1. On February 27 at GBI Kalvari with 32 participants for the seminar, screened 25 persons
  2. On March 14-15 at Wonosari Tea Plantation in Malang, East Java with 183 participants for the seminar and screened 142 persons
  3. On June 3 at GKPB Church Dhyana Pura with 42 participants for the seminar and screened 54 persons.
  4. On October 4-5 at Tulak Tallu village, Kecamatan Massamba, Kabupaten Luwu Utara, South Sulawesi with 127 participants for the seminar and screened 85 persons.

Total out-reach program through breast cancer awareness and early detection seminars: 384 participants.

In line with Pink October breast cancer awareness month, Bali Pink Ribbon has collaborated with a number of brands and businesses in Bali for fund raising activities, among them:

  • Pinktober Specials from Hard Rock Hotel Bali
  • Merchandise stall at Bali Classic Golf Registration Day and Sunday Brunch
  • Bali International Women’s Association Annual Gala Fundraiser dinner
  • Cancel Cancer campaign with Blood+Bone
  • Travel with Purpose week at Hilton Bali Resort Nusa Dua
  • Itsumo Bali Day of Women Empowerment campaign
  • Uma and Leopold

Funds received from donations will be used for outreach programs and roadshows in Bali’s most remote areas and continually reaching out to other areas outside Bali such as Nusa Tenggara, Java and Sulawesi.  Gaye Warren, founder of Bali Pink Ribbon says,”We look forward to a future where all Indonesian women become more aware of breast cancer through BPR’s extensive awareness campaign throughout the island and beyond, learning to take more responsibility for their own breast health and seek help without fear and know that support is now freely available. Funds we receive will be used to enable collaboration with other organizations to identify where seminar and screenings are needed most beyond Bali.”

Considered by the Indonesian ministry of Health as the best breast cancer education available in the whole of Indonesia. Bali Pink Ribbon also assists with emergency treatment for underprivileged patients who have no government health insurance (BPJS).



About Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation:

BPR is a volunteer organization working with Indonesian and Singaporean doctors that provides seminars on breast cancer to women across Bali, in companies and villages, providing valuable knowledge and understanding of breast health. The foundation can also arrange for breast screening as it strongly believes that early detection of any changes in breast health saves lives. BPR also has a support center in Denpasar providing a safe place for women to share their experiences of breast cancer with other survivors and those undergoing treatment. Bimonthly survivor meetings and seminars are held at the center, where information on living with and treating breast cancer is available in Indonesian and English.


Contact us:

Pink Ribbon House – Support center


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Denpasar Barat, Denpasar Bali 80113

Phone : +62 (361) 4746238

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