Japanese Tradition Inspired New Year Offerings at HOSHINOYA Bali

December 22, 2021

Traditional Japanese menus for new year at HOSHINOYA Bali

HOSHINOYA Bali will be offering a month-long Japanese inspired festive culinary program. This program incorporates essences of Japanese new-year culture and traditions fused with mother-nature and its energetic ambience. Guests can take a step back and rebalance their mind and body through relaxation and restore energy by tapping into Ubud’s natural jungle surroundings and sacred river energy.

Taking advantage of the resort’s mystical quality and Japanese culinary tradition, embrace new beginnings with a comfortable stay while enjoying year-end festivities, starting from end of December 2021 to early January 2022. New Year to the Japanese marks a time for celebration, praying for good fortune in the year to come, being close to relatives, friends and family, and eat delicious food. Each dish gives meaning of wishing luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Amazake is a Japanese traditional healthy drink using rice and koji or rice malt. Guests can sip a warm cup of Amazake in the morning to start the day and warm up their body. Available daily from December 28 to January 7, at 7 to 10AM.

Spend New Year’s Eve and taste the authentic Japan cuisine, Toshikoshi Soba or buckwheat noodles, considered to be a symbol of longevity. Dine on soba noodles served with Dashi, a soup made from konbu kelp, bonito, and soy sauce. Traditionally, families gather together and eat soba, wishing wonderful year coming. Available on Friday, December 31 from 9PM to 10.30PM in the public gazebo.

Oshiruko, a popular Japanese-style dessert, is soup made from azuki or sweet red beans with stretchy pieces of mochi dropped inside.  There is a traditional Japanese ceremony to break the mochi and eat it for good health and fortune for the New Year, and then they eat mochi in so many ways. Gather at Public Gazebo to enjoy the heart-warming oshiruko. Available daily from 1-7 January from 3 to 5PM.

All activities are complimentary for in-house guest.

Ozoni is a traditional soup with mochi and vegetables enjoyed on New Year’s Day. The Dashi or soup is made from Konbu kelp and bonito flake, served mochi, and seasonal vegetables like spring onion, turnip, carrot, and squash as well as yuzu citrus. Mitsuba or three Japanese parsley leafs are tied in a knot, means forming a good relationship with someone or good luck. Available daily from 1 to 7 January during breakfast time at Restaurant from 7.30 to 10.30AM. Priced at IDR 350K for a special new year Japanese style breakfast set menu.

Devote your year-end holiday time this year with family or friends, away from the hustle and bustle, with unique Japanese ambience in a Balinese setting. HOSHINOYA Bali taps into concepts long appreciated in Japan, such as scenic natural environments and locally sourced cuisine, minimalistic rooms that have a confluence of Japanese elements, such as futon beds, sliding shoji doors, and modern necessities. Feel at home with our warm hospitality and wondrous locale.

Explore visuals of our majestic valley and forest resort set in lush gardens with impeccable dining experience through our social media channel Instagram @hoshinoyabali. Contents are carefully curated to provide guests with the ease of access to bookings and the latest offerings.

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Where traditional Balinese culture meets Japanese aesthetics of space.

Designed by Japanese architect Rie Azuma, these 30 villas, Bulan, Soka, and Jalak, have semi-private pool and pool-side lounge area nestled within a dense three-hectare stretch of rainforest, rice field and temple. Featuring the iconic Café Gazebo floating in the jungle, Japanese style Futon beds and the doors whose design inspired by Shoji sliding doors with Balinese art such as intricate wooden carvings hanging from walls and batik lamps by the beds. Leading Japanese hotel management company, Hoshino Resorts Inc. with CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino opened its first “HOSHINOYA” abroad, in Bali in January 2017. For more information, please visit HOSHINOYA Bali (https://hoshinoya.com/bali/en/).



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