Classic Japanese treats to beat the heat at HOSHINOYA Bali

July 18, 2022



Take a cool break with HOSHINOYA Bali’s curated cuisine

Designed to beat the heat, HOSHINOYA Bali offers a new array of delights crafted to step away from bustling modern life and discover enjoyable ways in the cool escape in Ubud. The authentic and refined cuisine is elevated by vibrant views of blue skies to lush greenery, a sanctuary where fused Balinese and Japanese traditions are truly revered, and aesthetics deeply appreciated.

A distinctive dining escape created for families and young at heart travelers, HOSHINOYA Bali’s Executive Chef, Mitsuaki Senoo, presents the complexity that so beautifully hides behind the simplicity of Japanese cuisine in his two new signature dishes.


Kakigori in HOSHINOYA Bali Style

Kakigori or shaved ice is a beloved summer treat across Japan. Chef Senoo has taken kakigori to the next level with four beautiful chic presentations. A favorite for the “Noryo” season (July and August) in Japan, which means creating coolness, Kakigori is the preferred sweet pleasure for summer for the last 1,000 years in Japan.

Fusing Japanese delicacy with Balinese cheerful colors and tropical ingredients, the kakigori shaved ice is entirely made from fresh coconut water. Rich in potassium, sodium, and magnesium, benefits include improved hydration and nutritional supplements for a hot day. The Kakigori is served in four different flavors, Shirokuma coconut, matcha, mango, and strawberry. The four colors are inspired by Bali’s holy flower offerings (Canang); white, green, yellow, and red. Taste a bowl of Kakigori while resting in the shadows of trees at Café Gazebo and watch branches waving in the wind, feel the breeze, and hear sounds of the river, a “Noryo” experience that stimulates all senses to cool down the body.

Shirokuma coconut flavor: “Shirokuma” means polar bear and it is one of the most popular and retro style of Kakigori in Japan. The Shirokuma kakigori is topped with condensed milk, tropical fruits, Balinese daluman jelly, rosella jelly, mulberry, dates, and coconut ice cream. This dessert is truly reminiscent of childhood sweets.

Matcha flavor: A unique and luxurious interpretation of this crowd favorite. The dish features five different textures, fluffy milk espuma, chewy shiratama mochi, smooth matcha sorbet, coarse Azuki red bean paste, and crisp butterfly-shaped tuille.

Mango flavor: Topped with mango purée sauce, fresh mango, milk espuma, mango ice cream, and home-made mango chips.

Strawberry flavor: Topped with sweet and sour strawberry purée sauce, fresh strawberry, milk espuma, strawberry ice cream, and home-made strawberry chips.

Available daily from 11:00- 17:00

Price: Matcha/ Shirokuma coconut IDR 120,000 ++, Mango/ Strawberry IDR 140,000 ++

Venue: Café Gazebo, the Restaurant (for lunch time)


The Delight of Ubud

The Delight of Ubud is a four-course set menu with the taste of ocean and mountain. With time-tested techniques, balanced umami of dashi flavors, seasonal ingredients, and attention to detail at its core, discover the art of taking only a few ingredients and transforming them into delightful bites of culinary perfection.

Start off with bite-size-delights of the Summer Garden Amuse Bouche consisting of prawn simmered with sake, tuna temari or sushi ball with sambal, and yawatamaki or simmered burdock and carrot rolled with beef, Chawanmushi, chayote and squash simmered with dashi, seasonal vegetables and otsukuri or sashimi. Chawanmushi is a steamed egg custard with umami of dashi soup. Chayote is shaped like hyotan plant or gourd symbolizing good luck, while the squash is shaped like momiji or maple leaf. Fish of otsukuri is carefuly selected by chef Senoo in a local market and presented with a story of Balinese philosophy.

The main course is beef sukiyaki with warishita sweet dashi sauce with rice and miso soup. End the journey with a chilled sweet, matcha warabi mochi served with palm sugar syrup and aromatic kinako or roasted soybean flour, a cooling summer delicacy due to its translucent presentation.

Available daily for dinner 18:00 – 20:00

Priced at IDR 1,200,000 ++ for 2 persons


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