Sustainable CSR Maybank Marathon Bali

November 18, 2019

Bali, 7 September 2018 – As a responsible good corporate citizen with commitment of being in the heart of community through its sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR), PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk (Maybank Indonesia) conducts their CSR program for Bali community in conjunction with the Maybank Marathon international race. The ceremony, held one day before the Maybank Marathon event, was led by President Director of Maybank Indonesia, Taswin Zakaria together with Chairman Maybank Group Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin and Board of Director and Commissioner of Maybank Indonesia. The ceremony was also attended by representatives from local government officials and CSR beneficiaries at Taman Bhagawan, Benoa, Bali.

In line with sustainable support given to Bali community, this year Maybank Indonesia will involve more than 4,500 students and 172 teachers from 43 schools along the race route to be part of the Maybank Marathon 2019 event. Maybank Indonesia is committed to provide teaching learning facilities in the form of school and sports equipment to these 43 schools.

During the Maybank Marathon 2019 event, 60 disabled athletes will also participate in the wheelchair category 5 km (5K). Their participation will also be a campaign to promote rights for the disabled. The wheelchair category has become a regular agenda in the Maybank Marathon since its inception in 2012.

”The sustainable ”Maybank Indonesia Berbagi” CSR in Bali since 2012 is in line with our mission, humanising financial services. Our CSR program is part of our partnership with Bali, in achieiving an international scale event. Aside from environmental efforts, this activity aims to share the intiative in community development and empowerment, including for the young generation and cooperatives in Bali. In previous years, we have implemented CSR activities to support community sports, health and education,” says President Director Maybank Indonesia, Taswin Zakaria.

In line with Maybank Cares For The Environment (“Maybank Peduli Bumi”) program, for the 60th anniversary of Maybank Indonesia, similar activities were held during Maybank Marathon 2019. Maybank Indonesia jointly with House of Lawe, a partner commited to providing tutorial on sewing skills, conducted empowering program for disabled community by producing 10,000 environmental friendly bags to be used in the area after the finish line (refreshment) at Bali Safari Marine Park, Gianyar. In conjunction with the program, the Board of Directors and staff of Maybank (Maybankers) Bali branch held a clean the beach activity around Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa on 7 September 2019.

Part of their commitment to empower the young generation of Balinese, Maybank Indonesia jointly with D’Tech Engineering conducted a capacity building and critical thinking program for 80 SMA and SMK high school students in Gianyar and Klungkung. D’Tech Engineering, an internationally competitive technology-based company, holds various patents on technical engineering products from Salatiga Central Java, namely an engine bracket design for commercial jets airlines produced by General Electric, USA.

”This critical thinking inspires us, that no matter where we come from, if we are passionate, and possess the strong commitment and competency, we will be able to compete at an international level,” says Taswin.

Aside from supporting the Balinese younger generation, Maybank Indonesia also continues their support for the disabled through micro financing support for the cooperative of center for empowerment of the disabled (Pusat Pemberdayaan Penyandang Disabilitas / PUSPADI) Bali.

CSR Maybank Indonesia Berbagi is also part of Maybank’s effort to get closer, create synergy with Bali community in providing support and taking part in executing the Maybank Marathon event. Bali community support is evident in each village participation, displaying a clean environment and showcasing attractive traditional performance along the race route. Support from school kids cheering the athletes in the race are an addition to the amazing views that is unique to Maybank Marathon, well known for its natural and cultural beauty.

Editor’s Note

Maybank Bali Marathon

Maybank Bali Marathon is an international level marathon held by Maybank Indonesia since 2012 that competes categories of full marathon with distance 42.195 km, half marathon (21.0975 km), and 10K (10 km). Various recognitions have been achieved by Maybank Bali Marathon among them: included as one of the eleven “Remarkable races in the world that one must participate before you die” by The Active, one of “The 52 Best Races on Earth 2016” by Runnersworld, Best Marathon 2016, Best Half Marathon 2015, and the Most Popular Sport Event 2018 by the Venue magazine.


Maybank Indonesia

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As of June 30, 2019, Maybank Indonesia has 385 branches including Syariah branches spread across Indonesia as well as one overseas branches (Mumbai, India), 21 Mobile Cash Cars and 1,606 ATMs including CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) connected with over 20,000 ATMs incorporated in ATM PRIMA, ATM BERSAMA, ALTO, CIRRUS, and connected to 3,500 Maybank ATMs in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Until the end of June 2019, Maybank Indonesia manages customer deposits amounting to Rp125.2 trillion and has total assets valued at Rp183.6 trillion.

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